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Your Own Facebook Ads Campaign

The Facebook Ads Success course will teach you step-by-step how to create and execute successful campaigns. We take the guesswork out of it so that even your first campaign will be a successful one.

What will we cover?


Target Research

How to determine who you should be targeting with your Facebook advertising. In order to get the highest quality leads.

Initial Setup

Getting your Facebook page and ads manager accounts ready to go.

In-Depth Walkthrough

Taking you through the process of creating an ad campaign from start to finish. Diving into all options and features offered. 

Advanced Strategies

How to use the Facebook Pixel, retargeting and the various types of custom audiences.


How do I know my campaign is working, and when will do I need to make adjustments? You will learn how to interpret the numbers to know you’re getting positive results.

The Creative Part

What makes an ad stand out, teaching you how to use graphics, video and copy writing techniques to make your target stop scrolling and click.

Who is this course for?

Facebook Ads Success is for those with low to no experience using Facebook advertising, This course is beneficial to anyone wanting to make Facebook advertising a viable marketing stream for their product or service. Whether you’ve never dabbled into Facebook advertising or have run a few campaigns without getting the results you wanted to see; this course will help make sure your next campaign is a success.  

What’s included?

  • Easy to follow video lessons, with corresponding supplementary resources
  • A private Facebook Group for asking questions and sharing ideas with other participants
  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions starting the week of Nov 1st

Facebook Ads Success begins Nov 1st, but enrolment is open now. Sign-up before Oct 31st for an earlybird discount. 

Meet Andrea…

Here’s a few highlights about me. 

-Started in a traditional XM marketing agency 11 years ago

-Have managed small businesses across many sectors (healthcare, hospitality, & beauty industries)

-Started Get Social Marketing 4+ years ago helping small businesses and startups with  all aspects of social media and marketing. 

-Have taught the Live version Facebook Ads Success for the past 2 years